Hasselblad Lunar Limited Edition

Hasselblad Lunar Limited Edition is the result of meticulous engineering research.

The impeccable calibration of its body makes it possible for Lunar to support both compact and professional DSLR type lenses whilst always ensuring excellent balance. Thanks to the perfectly handcrafted ergonomic grip, the relationship between user and camera is unique, creating an almost magnetic effect that causes irresistible attraction and an arresting experience. At Hasselblad we believe ergonomics and style can sit comfortably together. Lunar is the proof.

Hasselblad’s history underpins a relentless quest for excellence. Traditional skills teamed with a passion for perfection mean everything seamlessly comes together to create these objects of exceptional quality. Simultaneously the Lunar has both a vintage and a high-tech aesthetic, exemplified by its chic design and its Swedish pedigree. It’s unique. It’s unmistakable.

Vintage and high-tech design paired with Swedish tradition, for a camera featuring a unique and unmistakable style. Talent, patience and elegance with an artisan’s touch. Leather and wood, carefully selected raw materials, are turned into timeless stylish details recalling the know-how of authentic artisan masters. Traditional skills, the development of special techniques, a passion for perfection: everything comes together to create objects of exceptional quality, unique because they are perfected one by one, individual as only the hand of an artist can make them.

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